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Blogging Topics – Where To Find Them

Blogging drives immense traffic to your website. If your blog offers unique and quality content, then you will have readers coming back to your blog. Encourage activities on your blog like commenting, likes and shares. The more likes and shares your blog receives, the more traffic you can expect.

Many a times bloggers run out of topics to write. The topics you write might not interest your readers. How to find interesting topics that will make your readers curious about your blog post? To keep your readers hooked to your blog and to increase the readership bloggers need to come up with new and creative topics.

It happens, that you write a blog based on a topic that you are very sure your readers would love to read, but only a few like and share your blog. You feel like quitting because you can’t keep writing content that no one reads.

If you have written a very good post and promoted it well, but still you have very less views then the problem lies with the topic of your post. The content of your blog is the basis for SEO and content marketing.

Here is a list of resources where you can findtrending blog topics that will increase the readership of your blog.

  1. Lists

One of the trending topics on the web is List Posts. Readers find these lists very interesting. Blog posts with topics like “10 Advantages of SEO” and “7 Ways to Decorate your Living Room” are easy to read as they are specific and short. You can write a list post for any category. The main reason lists attract a lot of views is that they are easy to remember and you can include images for increased views.

  1. How-To Blogs

How-to topics are one of the best topics to cover. Most people search for instructions to do a particular thing. A good example would be “How to bake a cake”. These posts answer the questions that people often type in the search engines. You can type in a question in Google and can come up with posts that answer these questions. Make sure your posts are of good quality and up to the point to enable likes and shares by your readers. Don’t forget to use your own style of writing when creating a post.

  1. Write Reviews

Blog reviews and recommendations can be great topics to write about.  You can write a review on a wide range of topics. If there is a new book launch or a movie release, write a review. New products and gadgets in the market can make great topics to write. Your opinion about a certain thing will encourage your readers to participate in the discussion. Most users browse the web for a review before buying a product. Reviewing products is the best option, especially if your blog is based on a product. This can improve the sales for your site.

  1. Current Events

The current news and events is an interesting blog topic. Everyone wants to be up-to-date with what is going on around the world. Browse for the latest news and you can come up with some interesting topics to write about. Social sites like Twitter and Facebook can be useful sources to find what people are discussing about.

  1. Tips and advice

If your blog is having some popularity and you have a good number of followers then you can write topics giving your advice and tips. There are several blogs being created everyday showing the increasing demand for blog sources. Everyone wants their blog to be successful and so there are many searches done in this category.

  1. Check out the popular blogs

It is always helpful to keep track of the top blogs in your niche. You can see what content they are posting and get some basic ideas about what topics to write about. Instead of writing the same content you can improvise your post by adding your own ideas and views. If a top blog has written a post on something new that is being talked about, you can write a post on the same topic but with your opinion.  This is a great way to increase the engagement to your post and will bring more likes and shares to your blog.

  1. What’s trending on Google

Google is one of the leading search engines and millions use it to gather information on a variety of stuff. People search for the latest updates on categories like news, entertainment, sports, etc. Having a look at what people are searching nowadays, you can come up with some great blog topics. Google Trends from Google is a useful tool to see what are the current top searches on the web. This is a widely used method to come up with new topics within your niche.

  1. Subreddits

The first step is to subscribe to subreddits and choose your categories. If your blog is based on a topic, you can subscribe for several sub-topics available in Subreddits. New subreddits are created everyday.Make sure to choose the right subreddits that are relevant to your topic. Use the SubReddit Finder to select the topics you like. Subreddits allow you to follow a desired topic. You can check out the daily updates to come up with new ideas to write in your blog.

  1. Interest Lists from Facebook

Facebook is great for social networking, launching pages and also to get creative topics for blog posts. The Facebook Interest Lists allows you to quickly and easily sort the News feeds you are getting. Add people and pages from your industry to your lists to keep track of what’s going on in the industry.Participate in popular posts by adding comments. You can share the latest news that you get through the interest lists. Make a list of topics that you and your fans are interested and keep yourself updated about the pages your fans are following and discussing about.

  1. Use Social Media

Social media, where millions of people interact and share with each other can be a great source to find creative topics. Find out what your friends and followers are posting on social media to know the current topics being discussed.Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are the leaders when it comes to social media. Just create your profiles in these social websites and subscribe to their News feed to get information about the trending topics.

  1. Quora Questions

Quora is a question-answer website where users can ask and answer questions. You can search for questions related to your niche. Users also have the option to vote the questions which they find interesting, so you can find popular topics based on the number of votes it has gathered. A search in Quora can give you several results showing the latest and popular questions. You can write a post on these topics or answer the questions in Quora.

These are some of the many sources to find fun and creative topics for your blog posts. If you know about any other sources you can let us know.

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