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Directories Marketing For Search Engine Optimization

Directories Marketing:

Directory Marketing is one of the important strategies of the SEO process to market your business online. Directory Marketing is a part of Off Page SEO strategy and is still considered a reliable tactic by most SEO experts. After your site has been optimized the next best step in SEO is to submit it to web directories. A Web Directory is an online website submission service where websites are listed under specific categories. The benefit of Directory Marketing is that it generates backlinks to your website which helps in the search engine ranking. When doing Directory Marketing it is not advisable to go for low quality directories. Adding your website to directories with a high page rank is recommended.

The Benefits of Directory Marketing are

  • The search engines are more specific about the quality of links, Directory Marketing is a great way of getting high quality backlinks.
  • These backlinks influence your website page rank and improves the credibility of your content.
  • Your website will get indexed faster by the search engines. Search engine spiders search for links in these web directories and index your site automatically.
  • Most users visit the Web Directories for a product or service. Getting your site listed in these directories will bring targeted customers to your website which increases sales.
  • Being listed in relevant Web Directories will help increase your brand awareness and gives scope for reciprocal linking.
  • Popular directories get huge traffic and some of this traffic gets directed to your website.

Directory Marketing is an effective way to get link popularity. We at Quuick Solutions research the appropriate directories for your business while performing Directory Marketing. We select high page rank and niche directories for effective online promotion. We offer manual directory submissions and select the categories that are related to your business. Manual submission is more accurate and goes through checking before getting published in the directory.

Forums & QA Marketing

Forum is a place where people with similar interests participate in discussions and share their opinions. Forum marketing is a method of advertising your business through online forums. It is one of the most popular and profitable ways of marketing. Forum marketing is a result driven marketing technique that drives direct user traffic from top forums. Forums enable you to promote your business on several popular websites where the members can get information about your products and services. It is not only an effective way to drive traffic, but also provides a platform for others to share their views and experiences regarding brands.

The advantages of Forum Marketing are

  • You can announce your business offers, updates and news in these forums.
  • Stay connected to your members who can convert into potential customers.
  • Create brand awareness and make a strong online presence.
  • Maintain relationship with the members to keep increasing your network.

QA Marketing is a new and innovative way of getting more traffic to your website. QA sites are question and answer sites where people ask and answer questions related to different topics of their interest. Sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers and Wiki how are some of the top QA sites that have a huge following and participation from members. Along with keywords people also search questions in the search engines. These QA sites have become very popular in recent times and are a great way to market your website. QA sites are ranked high by the search engines. These sites are a good source of natural links. These sites bring targeted traffic to your website which means better conversions.

We at ProTangent Solutions offer Forum and QA Marketing services as a part of Off Page SEO strategies to promote your website for better rankings in the search engines. Our team of experts will help you increase your business by applying the best SEO tactics, including Forum and QA Marketing.

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