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Ways to Improve Video SEO

Video SEO or Video Search Engine Optimization  is the process of optimizing video so the search engines can find it. It is used by video publishers to increase the exposure and reach of the videos. It is essential to have a video linked to your website for a better ranking in the search engines. Optimizing the videos with the appropriate keywords, definitions and social media links will increase the visibility of your site. Video SEO is one of the trending online marketing strategies that ensures a high rating and increased traffic to your website. Sites like YouTube, Meta Cafe and Flickr are some of the popular video sharing sites.

A successful Video SEO involves understanding your audience, their interests and needs. Getting to know what people search for and in what language will help you make a list of the keywords that can be applied to your Video SEO strategy.

Advantages of Video SEO:

Video SEO is very beneficial when done in the right way and can drive in huge traffic to your website.

  • There are more chances of your video being featured by the search engines for relevant search terms. Compared to websites with text content, adding optimized video will increases your chances of being indexed in the top search results.
  • People are more attracted to video. People spend more time on the internet searching for, watching and sharing videos. If you have a business, creating a video and promoting them online can bring potential traffic to your business.
  • Quality video with proper optimization will bring regular traffic to your site. If your video contains good content, but the quality is bad you are repelling the viewers. So ensure a high quality video with good visuals and great content. People who watch your video can become your regular visitors who might convert to potential customers, increasing the sales to your website.

Improve Video Optimization:

The Video search engine optimization strategies include creating videos with relevant and quality content, using the proper keywords, attractive titles and descriptions, adding video Sitemaps so the search engines can find them, and adding sharing options and optimized landing pages.

Add a Catchy Title:

This is one of the most important elements to be considered while optimizing videos. An outstanding title that will be remembered by the audience will bring the desired results for your video SEO efforts. Adding relevant keywords to the title will ensure the search engine robots will notice the video. Placing the keywords correctly in the title is also important. It is recommended that you add the keyword to the beginning of the title for better results.

Keyword Research:

Keywords tell the search engines what your video is about. Researching your keywords can be an efficient way to list down the relevant keywords for the video. You can include the short listed keywords in the title, description and tags.  Keyword Research ensures a good ranking in the YouTube search as well as the search engines. Find out what your target audience is searching for and use those terms as keywords for your video. The search engines can identify specific keywords that are used to search videos. It is advantageous to use such keywords. A nice way to test if the selected keyword is effective for your video, is making a search query in the search engine. If you get video results for that keyword you made a good choice.

Creative Description:

Sites like YouTube use bots to crawl videos. It has to be noted that these bots cannot see the actual video, so the content you add to the page is how it determines the content of the video. Therefore, there is a need to create an effective description. Make your description with relevant keywords including the long tail keywords to rank well for those keywords. You can also include a transcript of the video in the description, especially if your video features content about a complex topic. Your audience would want to view a particular section of the video and adding a transcript helps them refer the desired section of the video.

Video Sitemaps:

If you add a video to your website, create and submit a Sitemap for that video to make it easy for the search engines to find and index your video. As a result, you will be indexed in the SERPs that will drive traffic to your site. Your SERP listing will look more appealing with the addition of the video thumbnail. There are tools available online like Sitemap generators or the Google Webmaster tools to create an effective video Sitemap.

Schema.org markup:

Schema is a kind of microdata HTML that provides added information to the search  robots. Google recommends the addition of Schema and so it is necessary to add it to ensure effective optimization of your video content and to make it accessible to the search robots.

Let others embed your video:

It is helpful to let others include your content on their websites. People like content and if you are successful in producing great content you will get a lot of requests. Ensure your video is shareable and make it easy for others to embed your video on their site. This increases the number of back links to your site which leads to a better ranking in the SERP.

Use interactive video elements:

Interactive videos are an innovative way to increase the number of viewers and to keep them coming back to your site. You can include interactive elements to your video like adding links that take them to other websites, surveys, quizzes and forms that require some action from the users.

The Benefits of Using a Video Hosting Provider:

Video Hosting Providers: YouTube, Vimeo, MetaCafe etc.

Cost-effective: Submitting your video to video hosting sites is a cost effective way to promote your business online. If your business has products and services, videos are the best way to give people information about your offers. Most of the video hosting sites offer a free service including the popular website YouTube.

Better video quality: These video hosting sites can handle all types of videos and can include videos that are High Definition, of different file sizes and duration.

Greater reach: Video hosting sites are a part of social media and enable the users to view, share and comment on your videos. You can also create your own video channel that includes all your videos with your brand and links that direct the users to your website. YouTube is one of the popular video hosting websites that offers this feature.

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