26 Dec

Infographics- An Effective Way of Link Building

The current trend online is infographics. In just over 2 years, the search volume for infographics have increased by over 800%. This shows how popular they have become.Visual content is more attractive than text, as it is easy to understand and remember. Infographics are visuals and making them interesting and creative can bring a lot of views to your website. More and more people are vouching for them. Infographics are very effective in increasing the engagement to one’s website, thereby improving the search rankings.

Benefits of Infographics:

Infographics or information graphics are visuals that are used to present complex information or data in a more clear and quicker way. It is easy to create an infographic if you can express your ideas and thoughts in a creative way. An infographic gathers information, organizes it and turns it into a visual, like a chart or a map. There are millions of websites on the net and a lot of competition out there, therefore there is a need for websites to create unique and appealing content. Infographics are your answer.

Infographics are more eye-catching, informative than text as they usually include images, colors and graphics. These are highly shareable and have a better chance of going viral.As it is easy to share, you can promote it through social media. Creating infographics with good themes and colors, along with your logo can increase your brand awareness. Users who like your content will share and click on the infographics.  You can ask them for a link back to your site when they share your infographic in their websites.This will be beneficial to your SEO efforts.

Sites like WordPress provide an embedded code for the infographic they published. This code links from the main site to yours.

Creating a Good Infographic:

The quality of your infograph depends on the data you provide. Besides great images and graphics, the information you provide should be of good quality. Up to date and relevant information can make your infographic more interesting.

It is easy to find good information if you put the right amount of effort.

There are many useful sources for information. Some of them are

  • Social media sites
  • Blogs
  • Authority resources related to your category
  • Online news websites
  • Government websites that provide statistics

It helps to have some research work done. When you need up to date information you have research it. It is also useful to conduct a survey to know the opinion of the people by asking detailed questions. The topic you choose should be useful to the users and relevant to your website.

The next thing to do after a good research is to design the infographic. You can include the following in your infographic:

  • Images and illustrations
  • Graphics
  • Charts and graphs
  • Maps
  • Your company logo

More tips to enhance your infographic.

The starting image in your infographic should be the best. This is usually includes the heading. A catchy heading should do the trick. It should give a good impression about your content.

The corresponding images should be organized carefully. These must be able to tell the story you intended to share.

The themes and colors should be continued throughout the infographic. You can change the colors for different sets of data.

You can get your infographic designed by a designer. Give clear instructions to the designer and express your ideas and thoughts about the content you have written. A good designer will be able to see your ideas and make them into great illustrations.

Use arrows and other icons to direct your readers through the different parts of your infographic.

Link Building through Infographics:

Data and design form the first two important steps of creating your infographic. The next step is to publish and then promote it. Infographics are a great way to increase links to your website.

Let’s look at the ways to get links with infographics.

Advertise your infographics

Advertising in social sites will help seed infographics. Another great option are StumbleUpon Ads. They are low on expenses and can put your infographic in front of a large audience. This is a great way to get a lot of traffic and paid views. StumbleUpon ads can drive tweets and likes which are good for your website.

Go Social

Submit your infographic to social media sites. You can submit to Reddit under the subreddits which are better for category based content. Tag your posts on StumbleUpon.

Promote your Infographic

There are a good number of free infographic directories where you can submit your infographic. You will need the embedded code and a short description.

You can offer your infographic to blogs and sites relevant to your category. These blogs would love to publish your infographic if it has good content. Don’t forget to link back to your site.

Submit your infographic to image directories. This is a great way to create back links using infographics.

Press release is an effective option. Write a press release with a link back to your infographic blog. This is a good SEO strategy for building links from the Press Release websites and other websites that share your press release.

Submitting your infographic in social media with suitable hashtags will make it easier to find. Pinterest and Reddit have huge collections of infographics. These are great sites where you can submit your infographic.

You can contact the sources from where you got information if they would like to share your content. They might be interested in sharing your infographic on their websites.


Maintaining a good relationship with your contacts will help in your content promotion. You can connect with the commenters of your blog post. You can also network with your email subscribers. An email appreciating their feedback on your post is the first step to start building a good relationship with your readers. It also helps to maintain contact with other bloggers in your niche.

Keep Track of your Infographic

After you publish your infographic it is essential to keep track of its success. Keep a tab of the sources of traffic to your infographic page and those referring your site. This way  you will know where you went wrong and how to improve on your next infographic.

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